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Friday, May 27, 2011

Welcome to Dale's Place!

Welcome to Dale's Place! I'm an indie writer, and an avid reader. I must say, though, as I toggle through other sites and see what other people are reading, there are a LOT of books out there I haven't read yet. There doesn't seem to be enough hours in a day!

Typical Dale Day?

5:45: Alarm!!!!
5:55: Get the rump out of bed and go straight for coffee
6:10: Threaten kid #1 who isn't out of bed yet
6:20: Make sure kid #1 is prepared for the day (mostly, this means money)
6:25: Shoo the kid #1 out of the house for the bus
6:30: Get into the shower
7:00: Rouse kid #2 out of bed
7:05: Get dressed for work
7:15: Remind kid #2 she's supposed to be up and dressing.
7:20: Pack kid #2's lunch
7:25: Finish getting ready for work
7:35: Shoo kid #2 out of the house for the bus
7:40: Speed to make my own bus for work
8:10: Spend next hour on bus writing
9:00: Arrive at work
10:00: Work
11:00 Work
12:00, etc etc: work work work
5:40: Catch bus home where I spend the next hour writing
6:45: Home!
7:00: Make dinner for the fam-damily
8:00: Clean
8:30: Read
10:00: Bed

Not much time in there for reading OR writing!

So, what's your day like? How do you squeeze in that prescious reading or writing time??

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J.C. Martin said...

Hi Dale! Pleased to meet you! I'm fortunate enough to hbe a martial arts instructor: 4-and-a-half days a week, no paperwork and work to take home. That gives me at least an hour or so a day--in between housework and caring for hubby and three dogs--for writing. :)