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Friday, November 4, 2011

Freak Storm Hits

A freak storm has hit Connecticut. 20 some inches of very wet, very heavy snow with half the leaves still on the trees, so all of those trees, and power lines, and power poles, came a'tumbling down. Yes, just like the walls of Jerricho.

You'd think the acapolypse has arrived. No heat. No lights. No water. No nothing. My house is filthy. We've been melting snow on the gas grill to bathe with, which I guess is all right, except I keep finding pine needles in my hair. 7 days worth of clothes for 4 people are blocking the doorways. The cat and dog are fighting for lap rights beneath the blankets. We're on day 7 of this crap, and quite frankly, I'm in a bad, bad, bad, bad, bad, mood!

I'm in a neighboring town, with electricity, in Panera Bread with free wi-fi. So I'm checking in with my little pretties. You may not hear from me again for a few days.

But we're alive. We're kicking. And we're doing LOTS of reading.

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cambria said...

Be safe Dale!! Thanks for the update and thank goodness for Panera Bread! LOL. I hope that all your power and utlilities come back on soon! Thank goodness you have the pages of a book to melt into as a distraction.
Keep us posted!