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Sunday, March 29, 2015


I heart Spring! Sunday morning, and yes, no snow. I mean, there's still snow on the ground but it's not falling from the sky. That's a good thing. And better yet, the weatherman says by the end of the week we'll be in the high 50's. Woot! After having the coldest month in recorded history in CT this winter, I am more than ready for spring.

And we're still sharing the Love! And Giveaways! And information on where you can find some cool (or hot) books!

This is day #3 of Cynthia Gail's blog hop featuring great authors in hopes to spread the love on some fantastic reads. I hope you find something new to love through this one. Keep an eye out! There is information at the end on how to enter to win this book...and some others.

Today's Author: Dorlana Vann

Dorlana Vann is the author of contemporary novels for teens and adults. Her inspirations are classic romantic comedies, fairy tales, and the supernatural. She enjoys shopping, TX Hold ‘em, movies, shoes, the beach, restaurants, and festivals. She lives in Texas with her growing family. 

Dorlana loves spring because she gets to eat outside. Even though she lives in Texas, it is still too cold in the winter (most of the time) and, as much as she adores summer, it soon gets too unbearable to have a meal outdoors. But spring, ah, the mosquitos are still sleeping, and the birds are singing, and it’s the best time to sit on a patio to socialize, eat, and enjoy margaritas.

Dorlana's Book that you simply must check out: The Trouble with Snowmen

Genre: Contemporary

Snowmen drift into your life like they were sent from above. The relationship is great, rolls right along, and builds. Everything seems perfect … until a little heat is introduced. Then they melt, leaving only their hat, their scarf, something to remind their victims of what they’d lost.

Urban cowgirl Haley Monroe is told that the fabulously hot guy who just dumped her was a snowman. Her friend, Maximilian, convinces her that the only way she’ll ever stop being played by snowmen is to become one. It takes a lot of drinks to work up the nerve, but Haley gets her sexy on and goes on the prowl.

Famous horror author Larry White drops everything to attend a midnight séance at Maximilian’s apartment where he meets Haley. By the way she’s dressed—and just propositioned him—he assumes she’s a hooker. Larry can’t pass up the chance to get inside her head, especially since prostitution is the character’s occupation in his next book.

After spending the weekend together, unexpected sparks surprise both Haley and Larry. The trouble is Haley is dead-set on snowmanning the unkempt “starving artist” she met at the séance, and Larry doesn’t think he could have a real relationship with a woman with a past, so they go their separate ways.

The real fun begins when they meet again and find out neither one of them were who they thought they were. Can they reignite the flame? Or will they have a snowman’s chance in hell?

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