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Friday, July 15, 2011

Fire in the Blood / Paperback Version

It's been a long road, but Fire in the Blood is not only available on Kindle and Nook, but the paperback version is available on CreateSpace and It's so different when you hold your book in print. I love touching the cover, and flipping through the pages. I'm excited, and a little nervous. I wish I could credit the person who said, "What's the worst that can happen if no one buys it? No one's reading it anyway if it's just sitting on my computer!" It was that gentleman who convinced me to go indie and get myself out there.

Now, it's time for the dreaded "M" word. (Take a moment to shudder.)

Yes, it's time to market.

So, while I'm preparing my mid-grade novel, Racing the Nightmares, to get ready for print, and final-editing my next YA fantasy, Kiss Me Dead, I need to jump into the marketing game. Procrastination time is over. It's time to get out there.


Maybe tomorrow.


lena said...

Hi Dale, That's great news. I'm halfway through your book, but my laptop got fried and I'm trying to figure out if I can get all my Kindle books transferred to my new one. I'm going to be mad if I have to pay to replace them all!

Unknown said...

Oh no! Lena, let me know if you need me to send you a replacement...I can send you a pdf version. having fried many laptops, I totally feel your pain!