My Book Rating System

My book rating system is based on 5 stars. The book must be rated at least 3 stars for a review.

3 Stars: Good story, good plot, good writing.

4 Stars: I was wowed, but something about the story fell short of perfection.

5 Stars: I was either drooling, on the edge of my seat, or falling in love.

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Monday, July 4, 2011

The Great Indie Give Away

Yikes. I've been naughty about not keeping my blog up to date with this great give away! And here we are already on day #20. Shame on me. However, if you check out the link, you will be able to check out the authors and their books included in the giveaway every day so far. Check it out and enter to win! It's easy, and it's free, and who can say no to free stuff?

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