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3 Stars: Good story, good plot, good writing.

4 Stars: I was wowed, but something about the story fell short of perfection.

5 Stars: I was either drooling, on the edge of my seat, or falling in love.

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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

I got Spammed!

Hey my pretties, I have a migraine today, so not doing too much on the computer but...

Yeah, I got spammed. Who knew? A spammer left a comment on one of my posts, from India no less. Selling, oh, I forget, iron or something? While blogger does have a spam-wall, one got through. I'm not complaining though...who knows how many spam comments actually have been blocked from coming through?

So, which begs the question...why would some iron seller spam me? I'm not a manufacturing company, I don't buy iron, I don't work with iron...quite frankly, I could care less about iron. I read books. I write books. And nothing I've read or written has anything to do with iron.

Ah, well, it was easy enough to delete.

Now, back to my migraine.


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