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Monday, August 8, 2011

Work, work and more work!

So, now that Fire in the Blood is up and running, I *guess* it's time to start marketing my baby. Currently, I'm working on a book trailer. I never would have thought to do a book trailer 10 years ago, but now it almost seems like a necessity. We'll see how it goes, but let me tell you, it is *not* easy. I haven't had to be this creative since I wrote the damn book. :) I figure once I get that done, creating a poster and some bookmarks will be cake.

I'm readying Racing the Nightmares, my mid-grade novel, for print. I'm on much more solid ground in that department, so that's going fairly well. The cover is finished, but there is a little formatting kink that I didn't have with Fire in the Blood. My lack of techie prowess is showing, but I always figure out these things in the end. Will it take a day or 2? Yup. Will I lose a few more hairs? Yup. Will it get done? Yup.

And I'm finalizing my draft on my new work in progress, Kiss Me Dead, before its transformation into a real novel: first my fabulous critique group will have its way with it, then my new editor (who insists she doesn't mind sloppy seconds) will take a stab (or several stabs) at it in November. A shout out to Katy! I have every hope that we'll like each other and work well together. (titter titter)

But, before I finish all those wonderful projects, it is Monday after all, and now I am off to my day job.


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