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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Nothing is as Constant as Change

I've been thinking. Sometimes that's a good thing; sometimes it's not. When it comes to writing--or re-writing--it usually means a lot of extra work.

Anyway, I was thinking about books that I like, the ones that make you snap to attention. The ones that make you gasp, "OMG! I didn't see that coming!" You know, the ones that make an impression on you such that you recount the storyline again and again.

I was thinking of my latest work, Kiss Me Dead. It's already been proof-read, edited, and been called a wrap. But then I got to thinking.

Would this book make an impact on the reader? The answer to my own question was a shrug.

So I got to thinking. How could I make an impact?

The biggest impact, of course, would be to change the ending. Make the ending into a never-saw-that-coming kind of ending.

And I know just how to do it. It's an ending I toyed with when I wrote the novel, but it was an ending I wasn't quite brave enough to write. Then I got to thinking; if I wrote that alternate ending, I bet most readers would never see it coming.

Guess what I'm thinking now?

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