My Book Rating System

My book rating system is based on 5 stars. The book must be rated at least 3 stars for a review.

3 Stars: Good story, good plot, good writing.

4 Stars: I was wowed, but something about the story fell short of perfection.

5 Stars: I was either drooling, on the edge of my seat, or falling in love.

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Friday, February 14, 2014

Friday Fun! Snow and sleet and funnies, oh my!

I've been away for a while, lots of stuff going on both personal and work. I haven't been reading much, so am behind on my goal. It'll pick up again, I'm sure. For now, let me take the easy way out and post some clever pictures. I guess if you're going to make something that lasts forever (a.ka. plastic bags), may as well be clever about it!

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