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Friday, May 4, 2012

Lookin' Good!

Okay, so the funny thing happened to me on the way home from work the other day....

Actually, nothing happened. Literally. What happened is that I am reading this totally rockin' book (I Am Number Four), and as soon as I finished work on Wednesday, I went straight to the book. I forgot to pass Outlook, and I did not pass Dale's Place; I did not collect $200. I did not BLOG! I completely forgot.

Oh well. That was Wednesday. And today is FRIDAY. Yay.

So, I thought I'd tell a funny little story, because I like to do that on Fridays.

The other day, it was a nice sunny day, and I had a little bit of shopping to do. Mostly grocery shopping. No big, can't stand doing it but it's got to be done. When I grocery shop I go to like 3 or 4 stores (depending on my mood) so I can hit all the sales cuz, ya know, I like to save a buck.


I put on my prescription sunglasses, because it *is* an awesome day, and these are some pretty sweet shades; dark brown lenses and leopard print, brown frames. Right away I realize something is wrong. I'm having trouble focusing. I've had these sunglasses for years, so it's obvious that my eyes have changed and I need a new prescription. I make a mental note to make an appointment with the eye doctor and go on my merry way. After a while I kind of get used to the blurred scenery and am able to get along just fine.

I bop along, hitting my stores, and I begin to notice that people are looking at me. Now, typically I'm one of those gals that don't garner a second look. I'm kind of old and kind of frumpy, and I kind of blend into the scenery. Seriously, no one's looking at me!

But not today. Today, people are looking. And looking. And I notice a couple of longer, lingering looks. Why? Why are people looking at me? I figure, well, I must be having one hell of an awesome hair day!

I finish my shopping and go home. My husband is outside and I say, "Wow, there's something wrong with this prescription, because I'm really having a hard time focusing."

My husband takes one look at me and bursts out laughing.

He says, "That's because one of your lenses is missing, you dork."


Elsie said...

Dale, you really ought to write some type of memoir of all your funny moments! And if you are old and frumpy, what does that make me!?

Unknown said...

I know, right? The funny moments part...not that you are old and frumpy. You're too cool for that!

Dina said...

Dale, that is so you! Well, and me too. I was laughing so hard John was like what is so funny?! After telling him he just shakes his head like he's not surprised at all.