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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Author Feature: Phillip W. Simpson

Author Feature: Phillip W. Simpson
Today's author feature is Phillip W. Simpson, author of children's fiction and non-fiction.

Currently, Phillip is a full-time elementary (primary) school teacher, a full-time writer, a full-time husband and a full-time father. Before becoming a writer, he tried several other career options. He joined the army for a bit, gained a Masters in Archaeology, owned a comic shop, became obsessed with martial arts and oriental weapons and turned down a job at the British museum.

Phillip's latest book, Apocalypse, is the third and final book in the Rapture series. Okay, listen, I read the first book Rapture, have the 2nd, Tribulation, in my TBR pile, am excited over the release of the 3rd book, and I can tell you this is a great YA fantasy. You can read my review of Rapture here.

Summary (from Goodreads):

The seven years of the Tribulation are almost over. The Apocalypse- the final battle between good and evil - is almost upon us and with it, the end of the world as we know it.

For the last seven years, the half-demon Samael has battled his inner demons as well as the very real demons that inhabit the desolate, ash-shrouded Earth. Betrayed by Heaven and Hell, cursed by the surviving humans that he strives to protect, separated from all those he loves – Sam’s existence is filled with death and despair.

Now he must make a choice. Continue to fight for those he swore to protect or leave them to their fate and join his father in Hell. The Apocalypse is coming and it isn’t going to wait for Sam to make up his mind.

Grabbing a copy of of each book in this series, and Phillip's other works, is easy!

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