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Monday, June 17, 2013

Book Review: Game, by Barry Lyga

Game (The sequel to I Hunt Killers)
Barry Lyga

Initial Thoughts: OMG. I love this author. Love this series. Love this book. It's a freaking love-fest over here.

My Rating: 5 Stars

Summary (from Goodreads):

I Hunt Killers introduced the world to Jasper (Jazz) Dent, the son of the world's most infamous serial killer.

When a desperate New York City detective comes knocking on Jazz's door asking for help with a new case, Jazz can't say no. The Hat-Dog Killer has the Big Apple--and its police force running scared with no leads. So Jazz and his girlfriend Connie hop on a plane to the big city and get swept up in a killer's murderous game.

Meanwhile, Jazz's dad Billy is watching...and waiting.

My thoughts:
Okay, so I fell in love with this author and Jasper in book one, and the love just continues to grow. The character continues his internal battles of what he is or isn't or might be or might not be. He's so afraid of triggering the "thing" that will turn him into his dad, that he doesn't allow himself to be a normal kid. What if that one thing is the trigger that will make him snap? How can he be sure?

His relationships are still strong: his girlfriend Connie, his best friend Howie. Howie is absolutely hysterical in this book. It's much-needed light-heartedness in the midst of the darkness. It's a good fit. Did Connie do some stupid things here? Yup. I have to keep reminding myself that she's 17 years old, and 17 year-olds don't always do what's right or best or logical. But man, I wanted to scream at her, "Don't do it!" And then slap my forehead when she did.

What I didn't like? The ending. I mean really. There are so many loose ends that I just want the next book NOW. It's like a juggler who's doing his juggling thing, and then walks off stage with all his balls in the air. Every major player ended in a very precarious situation at the end of this book. And now I have to watch...and wait.

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