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My book rating system is based on 5 stars. The book must be rated at least 3 stars for a review.

3 Stars: Good story, good plot, good writing.

4 Stars: I was wowed, but something about the story fell short of perfection.

5 Stars: I was either drooling, on the edge of my seat, or falling in love.

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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Fire in the Blood Book Update

I just finished reviewing the proof copy of Fire in the Blood, which will coming out in paperback in July. It's funny how something could look so perfect on the screen, but when you hold it in your hands...oh! I couldn't believe how much fomatting had to be adjusted. But it was so neat holding my book in my hands and reading it the old-fashioned way. Gotta love it!

And, of course, I had to change the front cover (again!) and the back cover the text font didn't work for me, so that had to be adjusted as well. Things are moving along and I'm excited for the release in paperback.

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