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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Shoeless Wonder

Okay, so today's my daughter's birthday...she turned 12. So, our morning is starting out pretty good. She's up on time, she's happy (it's her birthday after all), she gets dressed and eats her breakfast and brushes her teeth and her cupcakes are packed. All good.

1 minute before the bus comes, the poop starts hitting the fan.

1. I'm handed a permission slip for her 6th graduation and after-party...due 2 days ago.
2. She hasn't put her shoes on because she can't get them untied from the day before (yes, admit it, we all do it...take our shoes off without untying them first).
3. I'm running around trying to get together the cash needed for the party, fill out the permission slip, and get her to sign it.
4. The bus has arrived.

I'm stuffing money and paper into an envelope, she's screaming at me to help untie her shoe (I non-politely decline...see #3 above), and the bus is patiently idling at the end of our driveway.

I cram the envelope into her hand and she runs for the bus. I am chasing the dog who has managed to escape from the house.

Sounds like we made it, eh?

1 hour later, I get The Phone Call.

"Hi, Mom."
"Can you bring me my shoe?"
"Yeah, I came to school with only one shoe on."
"How could you go to school with only one shoe on?!?"

This was obviously a stupid-mom question, because I get the typical kid-answer: "I don't know."

I mean, seriously, who goes to school (or work or anywhere) with one shoe on??

Wait. Don't answer that.

Thankfully for my Shoeless Wonder, I happened to have taken the day off today, and was able to drive to school and hand in her shoe. Of course, I just *had* to ask the Principal..."Have you ever had a kid show up to school with one shoe?"

I bet you can guess the answer!


Unknown said...

This is funny. Why is it that kids don't tell you anything until the last minute. My sixth grader has so much crap tucked into her backpack I'm afraid to go in there. (who the hell knows what might be hiding in there).
I'm also not sure if it's against the parent/child guidelines to go into her (personal property). I do on occasion. My daughter tell me I'm always mad. Now that isn't right. Like we try to be mad, if we didn't have to constantly go online to see how much of their homework they never turned in, we'd be much happier people.

Lora Palmer said...

That's hilarious! guess things got so hectic she forgot the other shoe? I would love to know what the principal said about whether any other kids had done the same.

sarah said...

Cracked me up, States so different from UK I'd have blown a gasket and made her go to lost property for shoe.. well any other day apart from b/day I suppose!

Unknown said...

My daughter had the whole bottom of her shoe rip off and she wadded toilet paper in it, because oh my god she didn't want anyone to know. She never went to the office and said a word. I could tell you about her ripped pants episode, but that would take all day. She somehow managed to cover that up too.