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Friday, August 31, 2012

Book Review: On the Edge, by Ilona Andres

On the Edge
Ilona Andres

My rating: 4 stars

There is a world that is between, between two dimensions of the world, called the Edge. The edge is the border between the world with magic and the the world without. Rose lives in between the two worlds, able to go into either.The non-magical world doesn't know the people in the Edge exist; the magical world views them as lower class citizens. While people in the Edge have magic of varying degrees, no one's is strong like Rose's, and that makes her a target.

The author has created a very visual world. It's interesting with very specific parameters that the author doesn't stray from. Easy to enter, easy to understand, and, from my perspective, unique.

Rose is a great character. She's strong, willful, and very business-like...yet caring about her family and her community.

Declan is a wonderful opposite to Rose. Mysterious, dark, handsome, arrogant, bossy...and have to like him.

Love, love the little brothers. So devilishly mischievous, as magical little boys should be. And granny? No fault there either.

The plot is good, though a little predictable at times. The ending itself is as predictable as romances are, which is to be expected if you're reading romance.

Overall, definitely recommend this one.

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