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Friday, August 10, 2012

Book Review: Angel Evolution, by David Estes

Angel Evolution
David Estes

Rating: 3 Stars

18 year-old Taylor is starting college, and she's excited to begin her life of independence and freedom. Her best friend, Samantha, is attending as well, and the 2 girls soon find themselves involved with a couple of pretty hot dudes who reflect both the good and bad sides of angels and demons.

Don't you dig the cover?

If you are looking for a unique twist to angels and demons, this is your stop. The author twists the view of what's good and what's bad, stretching the hard-and-true to a what-if scenario. If you are looking for a traditional take on the celestial beings, you're going to be disappointed, and this book probably isn't for you.

For me? I have to admit I had to warm up to the approach. But then I reached that moment where I wiggled down in a comfy position to accept how the world was being presented, and I did. I reminded myself that this is *fantasy*. Hello! The fact that the author has turned what we traditionally think of (spiritually) on its head is actually refreshing.

The author was really hitting his stride in the story in the 2nd half and, to my utter dismay, ended it at a really good part. Intentional, I'm sure, to entice the reader to pick up the next book.

If you follow my reviews, you know I'm a stickler when it comes to dialogue. I like tight, snappy dialogue that serves a purpose, sounds natural, and, above all else, is not mundane. The dialogue here could use some tightening and re-work to make it more natural-sounding. There also were as occasional random bits of information that didn't quite work into the flow of the story, but these are easily over-looked.

Overall, a nice read. Angel Evolution is the first book in a series, and I do plan on reading more.

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Think said...

Really good review! Now I have another book for my TBR pile. LoL